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King Louen Leoncouer (Made to Order)

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Louen Leoncouer is the greatest leader of the Bretonnians since Gilles the Uniter. A mighty warrior king, his subjects know well that the he is the pinnacle of knightly perfection and honour. Highly skilled on the field of battle and a master of tactics and strategy, he has never known defeat.
This multipart resin and plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble King Louen Leoncouer. A striking miniature, he rides his enormous Hippogryph Beaquis to battle - this creature is depicted rearing back, claws bared and beak open. Louen himself wears the Crown of Bretonnia - as is only right and proper - and bears the Lion's Shield. 2 different head options are supplied with the kit: a fully-enclosed helm, and a variant with the King's bearded face fully visible.
This kit comes as 20 components (mostly resin, with the Hippogryph's wings supplied in plastic), and is supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base.
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